“Trailblazing is not so much being worried about the destination; it’s the journey. Being willing to journey is a work all its own.” – Attorney C. Renee Little

In this episode, Corey and Sharma introduce Principle Three, and talk with Attorney C. Renee Little, Assistant Clerk of Court & Judicial Hearing Officer for Mecklenburg County’s Clerk of Superior Court. With more than 20 years of experience practicing law, Attorney Little shares the lessons she has learned from taking chances and “doing it afraid,” and how increased clarity around the legacy she wants to leave changed her perspective on risk-taking.

The Courageous Personal Leadership Podcast is a journey into the Four Principles of Courageous Personal Leadership: Manage your internal environment, Ask for what you need, Decide to take risks, and Embody your personal mission, vision, and values. Corey and Sharma Graham, founders of the Courageous Personal Leadership model and the leadership development firm, M.A.D.E. To Lead, discuss the impact the Four Principles are having in organizations, teams, and communities with leaders from various industries and sectors. Rooted in science and real-world experiences, the Four Principles of Courageous Personal Leadership offer a practical framework for those desiring to increase their influence and impact, but do not fit the mold of traditional leadership archetypes and are looking for a new perspective on what it means to demonstrate leadership. Our world is changing fast, and many of the old leadership paradigms are no longer working. The Courageous Personal Leadership Podcast is part of the community that is shifting the conversation toward new leadership paradigms and models that are more inclusive and representative of our beautifully diverse world. Follow on Instagram @CourageousPersonalLeadership and @MadeToLeadBiz, or MadeToLead.com.